Nothing but circus!

People born. People die. And in between – everything is but a circus. From the virtuous toddler you to the grumpy old you – the phase in between is nothing but a circus. Things happen for a reason – and things happen for no-reason. Some you love and some you hate. Some you admire and some you detest. Either way, the circus continues. The circus will not stop.

Circus – in them, you’ll see people living their characters, perhaps people are destined to be the part of the show. You and I, we’re there too. We’re all contributors to this farce – amazing. But if you pause and try detaching yourself from the character – you’ll get to see the circus, the drama or the farce that is around you.

People are embedded into their characters in such a way that they often forget their being and instead see themselves as characters of the circus. No. I don’t have problems with that. (You can ask my friend – at times when get bored working, we just get into to the smoking room and have a good look at the circus around). In fact, I love the different faces of people in the circus – say the clown, the juggler, or the tightrope walker. That’s how it is and that’s how it will be. And after all, I am one of them. And nothing boils me. Though there are times that I prefer disconnecting myself from the circus and just let myself drift with the flow. Nothing serious – it’s just like that.

You know. Circus here – circus there. Circus this – circus that. But no – I am not fucked with the circus around. I can’t. However farce – we’re all part of it.

nothing but circus© Flawed Head 2013

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7 thoughts on “Nothing but circus!

  1. Now, this gives me a reason to speak out.

    The circus which we are a part of here, is all the time f***ing us. That’s known. But we as the artist and as possessor of partial control over our own inner-world and thoughts, should also be doing our part.

    And this is possible, when we drift out of your character and live the moment in our imagination— escaping the director’s tyranny. What ordinary characters don’t realize is the possession of this power to drift away in small-time contemplation into the cosmic world within.

    One is compelled to do things as directed only in this world stage. But while you allow yourself drift with the flow, you live the life in your inner world. The dictate does not implies in the inner-world. This is where characters, like us, recluse into and laugh our ass out– in words, in punctuation, in pictures and sometimes in doing nothing.

    You laughed your ass perfectly. Enjoy the Circus!!!

    • Thank you for speaking it out. After all – you have that LOUD mouth (take that in a positive note, no kidding. seriously).

      As far as escaping the director’s tyranny is concerned – YES – we got to revolt as much as we can. after all, that’s the only time we have as us and not the characters.

      I am sure Sane is doing the same.

      Cheers to absurdity. Cheers to Circus!

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