It’s Twenty Fourteen. Hell Yeah!

7 AM and already landed on the place where I have to sweat all day long. No, it’s not a complain – they pay me for sweating off – even if that means sweating on a New Year’s Day. With last night’s hangover – I am opening myself up for this year. No, this year I ain’t got no resolutions whatsoever. Like always I am ready to embrace all that comes my way this year, and many more years to come – hopefully.

We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us. – Charles Bukowski

Twenty Fourteen – Bring it on!

Happy 2014 Folks!

Carpe Diem!

carpe diem

Twenty Fourteen – Bring it on!

© Flawed Head 2014

Nothing but circus!

People born. People die. And in between – everything is but a circus. From the virtuous toddler you to the grumpy old you – the phase in between is nothing but a circus. Things happen for a reason – and things happen for no-reason. Some you love and some you hate. Some you admire and some you detest. Either way, the circus continues. The circus will not stop.

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and then….

And then I move on
to annihilate the venomous existence of self-imposed confines.

Day in and day out – I am lost.
I am chained with my restricted thoughts.
It grows every day. It sucks the blood out of me. It blows my face.
I am thrown into the anguish and that is killing me every day.
I am looking for life sans the life in me. The pain of not having life
in the midst of lifeless people itself is knocking me down.
I look up with the bloody face and
see nothing but dark and wild sky roaring up above.
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